• Winter is Here!

    Winter classes are up and open for registration! Coming up are:

    W18SC02B - Let's Draw!
    Jan 14th - March 11th
    Ages 9-12

    Do you love to draw, and want to learn more techniques and tricks? In this class we will explore the fundamentals of drawing, and experiment with a wide range of materials including pencil, charcoal, pastels, and ink. We will also discover how drawings have been used by artists throughout history. A balance of technique and individual creativity will be promoted in this class. This course is open to new and returning students.

    W18SC20B - Mix It Up! Adventures in Mixed Media
    March 12th - March 16th
    Ages 9-12

    Join us for a week of art fun! In this hands-on camp, we will create beautiful projects while trying out a little bit of everything. Projects will include plaster casting, painting at an easel, sewing, drawing, printmaking, and much more. Each project will be an exciting new surprise! Learn new techniques, while exploring your creativity.

    Both are being offered at the Shenkman Arts Centre, through the Ottawa School of Art. To register, click here

  • Mural Project: Before, During, and After Photos

    Mural Project: Before, During, and After Photos

    The mural is complete! Well, it was finished a while back - but now we have an online album of photos documenting the process, thanks to the lovely folk at the Ottawa School of Art who helped organize and fund the project. To see the full before and after, click here!

    The wall is on Somerset St. in Ottawa, located between Bank St. and Kent St. Hopefully it'll bring a welcome pop of colour, even during the dreary Winter months. It's by far my largest design to date, measuring at 72 feet across (this doesn't even include the garage, which we also worked on!).

    Big thanks to the OSA, Ottawa Community Housing, and the team of artists who worked hard with me to make the project a reality: Emily Rose, Patricia Smith, and Yulia Lisitsyna.

  • Mural In Progress!

    Mural In Progress!

    Here's a sneak peek at my current project on the go: a 72 foot long mural near the corner of Bank and Somerset in Ottawa! I have been working with a talented group of artists, chosen by the Ottawa School of Art, to make this mural a reality. It is just one of four walls throughout the city that is being beautified on behalf of Ottawa Community Housing. The design, which I contributed to the project, envisions the potential of the small patch of grass the wall rests on; in the mural, colourful local wildflowers and birds proliferate. More photos to come, once the mural is complete. Let's hope for more sun and less rain!